On this page I will be keeping a list of available scholarships that are in our Career Center and their due dates.

Senior check this page weekly and contact me with any questions you might have!    :)
Kim Moore-Career Center

Helpful pages: Scholarship tracking, Sample resume and a Letters of Recommendation Request Sheet at the bottom of this page

Remember if you're applying to a specific college they usually have their own scholarship program!  LCC has an amazing scholarship program that usually has money left over to give out because students don't take the time to apply!

New Scholarships: As scholarships come in for the 2022-23 school year they will be posted in the Career Center as well as available here online. There are other sites and ways of looking for scholarships if you read to the end of this page.

  1. WA State School REtirees Association: Due March 1st seniors going into the educational field. check categories at this website WSSRA
  2.  Gene Forrester Memorial Scholarship: Due March 1st Students going into Agricultural Education Application Website
  3. Kelly Foundation: Due March 10th CRHS student going to college, community College or Trade School.  Application on scholarship board or you can access the application at Kelly Foundation
  4.  Fibre Credit Union Member Scholarship: Due March 24th, must be a Fibre member Fibre C.U. Online application
  5.  Red Canoe Credit Union Scholarship: Due TBA,  must be a Red Canoe member Online Application, Scholarship helpful hints.
  6. Heisman High School Scholarship: Due Oct 18th come into the career center for information

Other Opportunities:

Remember to NEVER pay for scholarship information!!!

Please be extremely cautious if a scholarship is asking for personal info such as your social security number!

Other scholarship informational sights are:


  • NEATNESS COUNTS !!!! Whenever possible type your application, or attach a resume sheet with all required info included.
  • Apply Early!! Be aware of the DEADLINE .... Get it done and turn it in. Don't wait until the last day to submit!
  • Get those letters of recommendations early so you have them ready to go. Many teachers get busy with them at the beginning of the year so they might not have the time to get yours to you before your deadline, or they have to rush through it and not be able to do as good of a job describing the awesome person you are, and it just might make the difference in who gets the scholarship.
  • Three letters of recommendation are good to have on hand, possible sources are: a teacher, coach, administrator, leader of a community project and a business person in the community that you've worked with.
  • Hard time with answering those essay questions to sound the way you want? Try recording your answer and transcribe it. If you get to choose the subject make sure it's something you're passionate about that shows them why they should invest in you! Stay on topic!
  • Have a professional sounding email. .... [email protected] doesn't inspire confidence that you'll use their money wisely.
  • Have someone else proof read for errors, or to see if something doesn't quite say what you were aiming for.
  • Make a copy of your application and the date you sent/submitted it.
  • Don't skip over a smaller amount scholarship as not being worth your time... small one's add up, and even paying for 1 book saves money to be paid out of pocket, or included in a loan.
  • Apply for any and all scholarship you remotely qualify for, and maybe some that are a bit of a stretch.. you never know!