Frequently asked Questions of the Career Center

Here we will hopefully have answers to questions we frequently hear from parents about colleges, applications, FAFSA... etc. If you have a question you don't find the answer to, please email me at [email protected] :)

** Transcripts: We print out transcripts for students who need them for various reasons ex: college registration, scholarships, car insurance, etc. There is a sign up sheet in the Career center. We have a 24 hours turn around policy. There is currently no charge for this service.

** Scholarships: In the counseling center there is a wall of scholarships as well as information and printable forms on the Career website under . They are arranged by due dates. Kids should designate one day as "scholarship" day to come in to see if there are any new scholarships in. Local scholarships usually start coming in Jan-Feb.

***To be ready to fill out scholarships, students should make up a resume of pertinent information about themselves and their high school career. They also should have 2-3 letters of recommendations on hand. Due dates are important! NEVER PAY FOR SCHOLARSHIPS! Remember students neatness counts! Spelling and correct punctuation a must! See Scholarship page for more information and helpful hints.

***Have student set up a professional email for corresponding about scholarships, college applications as well as job opportunities.

***Colleges usually have their own school specific scholarships so be sure to check them out.

** FAFSA: Opens October 1st. Use prior years information. Financial aid is on a first come bases. 18 year old males must be registered for the draft to complete application. See Career Center FAFSA page for more information.

** College information: Many of the four year colleges have priority applications, financial, and scholarship deadlines as well as preview days. So be sure to check out their websites! For the bigger schools there is usually an application fee, smaller colleges might be in partnership with The Common App program that charges a one time fee but can be used at various colleges, so check that out. Community colleges are usually free.

** Skyward Access: Parents can have access to their students Skyward accounts to check grades, attendance, as well as other useful information. Contact the front office for assistance. (360) 501-2930